Wichita Event Photography

Wichita Event Photography

Event photography is much more than bringing a camera. With 30 years of experience we have worked in many Wichita venues and we have the exprience to shoot and print VIP instant portraits, document an event, provide a photo booth, and many other photography services. Event photography is challenging and fun and we are ready to be challenged by you.


We are currently updating our website so some of the links are not functioning. If you do not see the information or service that you are looking for please visit Art's Photography.

Photography Services Offered

Go-kart racing photo

Action Photography

While most of our events are parties and business events we have the capability of capturing sporting events and events with a lot of action. We have the technology for people to order at the event and receive images or post them online from the event for viewing and purchase. We can even create a special website for your event.



Photo Booth Rentals

In the Wichita area we were one of the first companies to offer photo booth rentals. These rentals are great for parties and a business events. In addition to entertainment photo booths are a great way for a business to connect with customers and can even conduct surveys.


Class Reunion and Group Photography

Group photography requires the right equipment, expertise, and the right personality to get the attention of a large number of people and get them posed. We can print up to 8x12 prints at the event. If you need larger prints we can partner with a local printer and have pictures delivered before the event is over.


Fund Raising Events

This is an example of a fund raising event with instant portraits. People could take pictures with the VIP and we printed up to 8x10 photos within minutes of the photo being taken. When people have a memento or a physical item to leave with they will enjoy the event even more.

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